Connections Ministry

Welcome to the Connections Ministry at One City Church

Where first impressions last and every interaction matters. Our ministry is the heartbeat of fellowship and hospitality, creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone who steps through our doors. Whether it's a friendly smile in the parking lot, a guiding hand from our ushers, or a thoughtful follow-up from our Next Steps team, we're here to ensure that everyone feels at home at One City Church.


To create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all churchgoers, whether they are first-time visitors or long-time members.

To provide clear and friendly guidance to visitors, from parking to seating, ensuring a seamless experience.

To assist in the smooth operation of church services and events through coordinated efforts of our dedicated teams.

To foster a sense of belonging and community through meaningful engagement and follow-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become part of the Connections Ministry?

Joining is easy! Just express your interest to any of our team members or sign up through our website. We welcome everyone with a heart for service.

Do I need any specific skills or experience to volunteer?

No specific skills are required – just a friendly demeanor and a willingness to serve. We provide training for all our volunteers.

What kind of commitment is required for team members?

The commitment can vary based on your role and availability. We value any time you can offer, whether it’s once a month or every Sunday.



These are the first friendly faces our visitors see. Their role is to ensure a smooth and welcoming experience from the moment guests arrive.


This team makes sure our guests feel the warmth and love of our community, from offering refreshments to answering any queries they might have.


They are the guiding stars for our visitors, helping them find seats, providing bulletins, and assisting with any immediate needs during the service.


Focused on follow-up and engagement, this team connects with visitors post-service, offering information about the church, upcoming events, and ways to get involved.


These are the behind-the-scenes heroes who ensure that every event and service runs smoothly, showing God’s love through their dedicated service.

At One City Church's Connections Ministry, we're more than just volunteers – we're a family dedicated to making our church a place where everyone can find connection, care, and a spiritual home. Join us in creating an atmosphere where every person can experience the love and fellowship of our vibrant community!