515 Innovation Drive: Bringing Biblical Leadership to the Forefront of Our Community

Experience the miracle of faith and community in our groundbreaking cutting- edge facility. Innovation Drive is more than just a church, it's a hub of transformation poised to inspire change in eight strategic sectors of our community.

What's in Store?

20,000 square feet of space is tailored to foster growth, initiate connection and inspire transformation.

Overhauled Kid's Areas

A dedicated space that encourages young minds to flourish in faith and fellowship. Our brand new kids areas will include intentionally designed space for each age group to excel in faith and development.

500 Seat Auditorium

Experience an inclusive atmosphere of worship and learning under an updated lighting and sound experience designed to bring the excellence Jesus deserves. Our new auditorium will feature a 500 seat capacity and innovative technology that can be used for multipurpose.

Outdoor Gathering Areas

We have designed outdoor fellowship spaces to foster community and connection throughout the 4 acres of green space and landscape.

Expansive Lobby

An inviting space for fellowship and engagement. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where people can feel comfortable gathering and meeting new people. Our lobby will include connection areas that also allow Next Steps to be taken.

Professional Counseling Center

Our phase II of our building project includes building an on-site professional counseling center through partnership with a local licensed professional counseling agency. We want to make mental health resources available to the entire community.

Meeting & Conference Capabilities

A platform to foster community dialogue and drive strategic change. Our meeting and conference capabilities will allow us to strategically deliver various forms of biblical leadership and community initiatives.

Hear the Vision Shared from Vision Sunday

Pastor Jared shared the vision for the future of One City when we received our Kingdom Offering to support our move to the new building.

Impacting the Community One Sector of Influence at a Time

Who said change couldn't start with you? We believe our entire church is going to come together to bring the gospel to the most influential areas of our community Our goal? Reach 10% of each strategic industry sector with biblical leadership values. We have identified these sectors of influence as Business, Government, Education, Non-Profits, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Sports and Healthcare. Imagine the ripple effect.

Be a Part of the Journey

Innovation Drive is not just a building it's a vision and you can be a crucial part of it Your generosity and service will help us bring this vision to life Together we can transform our community.

"I've seen first-hand the impact this church can have. There is a movement happening. The vision of 515 Innovation Drive is truly transformative." - One City Church Member

Join Us in This Miracle

Curious? Excited? Ready to make a difference? We invite you to join us on this journey. Let's build a community that thrives on faith leadership and transformation Welcome to 515 Innovation Drive. You can GIVE NOW to this initiative by clicking the button below.

Project Progress & Projections
Project Progress & Projections

As we embark on this incredible journey towards the realization of our vision we want to keep you updated on our progress Currently we are excited to announce that the exterior steel structure has been erected and we have moved into the interior framing stage.

Looking ahead our timeline projects that construction will be complete by the Fall of While we acknowledge that there may be challenges along the way we are committed to meeting this target with your unwavering support.

Crucial milestones that lead us toward completion will be regularly shared here in this section Together with you we are moving one step at a time making the dream of Innovation Drive a reality.

Let’s create a thriving community centered in faith leadership and transformation Thank you for joining us in this journey at Innovation Drive.