Facilities Ministry

Welcome to the Facilities Ministry at One City Church

Where our mission goes beyond maintenance; it’s about stewardship and creating a welcoming space for worship and community. Our dedicated team takes pride in ensuring that our church isn't just a building, but a well-cared-for home where all can gather to connect, learn, and grow in their faith.


To maintain and enhance our church facilities, ensuring a safe, functional, and inviting environment for all.

To steward the resources of One City Church effectively, focusing on sustainability and efficiency.

To provide a supportive and collaborative environment for our team members, where each person’s contribution is valued.

To facilitate the smooth operation of church events and activities through proactive facility management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Facilities Ministry team?

We welcome anyone with a heart to serve, regardless of skill level. Contact us to find out more about current volunteering opportunities.

What kinds of tasks does the Facilities Ministry handle?

Our tasks range from routine maintenance and cleaning to setup for church events and managing larger renovation projects.

Are there opportunities to serve witAre there specific skills or qualifications needed to volunteer?hin the ministry?

While certain tasks require specific skills, many just need a willing heart and hands. We provide training and support for all our volunteers.



This team focuses on the upkeep and repair of our church buildings, ensuring everything is in good working order. From electrical systems to plumbing, their skills keep our facility running smoothly.


Our groundskeeping team works tirelessly to maintain the church’s outdoor areas, creating an inviting and serene environment for members and visitors alike.


This vital team ensures that our space is ready for every service, meeting, and special event, handling everything from chair setup to technical equipment arrangements.

The Facilities Ministry at One City Church plays a crucial role in supporting our mission by taking care of our physical space. Their work allows us to focus on our spiritual goals in a well-maintained, welcoming environment. If you enjoy working with your hands and have a passion for serving behind the scenes, this ministry offers a fulfilling opportunity to make a tangible impact in our church community.