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Welcome To One City Church

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about One City Church. Let us start this by saying YOU BELONG HERE and are WELCOMED. We are honored to serve the community of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk by remaining a place where people can explore faith without having to worry about who’s watching or what someone will think. At OCC, we’ve built a culture of COMMUNITY FIRST authenticity that is designed to serve our communities in the way Jesus served his. The goal of OCC is to become a major contributor to our communities through strategic partnership, practical community assistance and that goal includes YOU. We would love to welcome you to visit OCC just as you are today. Come explore a God who wants the best for you.

Service Times

Sundays Worship Service
Child Care and Children’s Ministry are provided.

8:30 am

Most Energetic

10:00 am

Most People

11:30 am

Most Relaxed

1:00 PM

Most Laid Back

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One City Church is located at:
3310 Indian River Road, Chesapeake, VA 23325
(between the cross streets of Campostella and Military Highway).

Frequently Asked Questions


One City Church offers you a relaxed and casual worship experience. We’re family-centered, so we open our arms to your little ones with safe and caring childcare. In the service, you’ll experience inspiring and contemporary Christian music. We’ll encourage you with positive, relevant messages. And we’ll love you with our friendly people. One City Church welcomes your entire family – there’s a convenient parking space waiting for you!


Come as you are. We don’t get too caught up in being overly worried about where people come from and the culture they are seeking God in. We believe that everyone has the right to seek the presence of God. Whether you have tattoos, dress up for church, or like to keep things casual, there’s a place for you at One City.


As you arrive at the building, you’ll find signs pointing you to the entrance of One City Church. Our parking sits behind the building and our parking team will guide you to where you need to go.


One City Church has an amazing kids ministry that we call KidCity. Our Kid City ministry is available for all children newborn through 5th grade and includes age specific curriculum and activities. We believe in creating a place for your children to not only be safe and cared for, but to grow in their understanding of faith also. Your kids will be cared for in the safest, most thoughtful way possible.


Each of our Sunday Services last just over an hour. This service will include 2-3 songs of contemporary worship music (if you want to know more about what that means check out Maverick City Music or Elevation Worship on Spotify), a brief update on everything going on at the church, a practical message and that’s it!


Coming in 2024