Worship Ministry

Welcome to the Worship Ministry at One City Church

A vibrant and dynamic place where music, technology, and faith come together to create an atmosphere of worship and praise. Our ministry is dedicated to leading our congregation in heartfelt worship, enhancing our worship services through music, sound, and visuals, and reaching out to the global community through our online media presence.


To provide an immersive worship experience that encourages spiritual growth and personal encounters with God.

To cultivate a team of skilled vocalists, musicians, and technical staff dedicated to excellence in their craft and worship.

To use technology and media effectively in order to amplify our message and reach a broader audience.

To foster a community within our team that is supportive, nurturing, and growth-oriented.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved with the Worship Ministry?

You can get involved by auditioning to be a vocalist or musician, volunteering for our audio-visual team, or joining our online media group.

Do I need professional experience to join?

While professional experience is appreciated, it is not a requirement. We look for passion, commitment, and a willingness to learn.

Are there regular rehearsals or meetings?

Yes, our team meets regularly for rehearsals to ensure our services are well-prepared and impactful.



Talented individuals who lead our congregation in song. Regular rehearsals and spiritual development sessions are part of this vibrant group.


This team manages the sound and visual elements of our worship services, ensuring high-quality production values.


Dedicated to extending the reach of our worship through live streaming, social media, and other digital platforms.